Tuesday, December 23, 2008

$10 back when you buy $50 of P&G products at Sam's

I love this deal!! I buy alot of our diapers at Sam's and those easily add up to $50. I'm a pretty loyal P&G product user, so I also often buy toilet paper, paper towels and Cascade tablets in bulk, so there is no doubt I'll hit $50 in P&G products. This promotion will give you back a $10 Sam's gift card when you submit the rebate form here.

Here are the details:
1) Purchase $50 worth of any P&G products between 12/14/08 and 1/31/09 at Sam’s Club.
2) Circle the P&G products and their prices on your original receipts from Sam’s Club.
3) Fill out the rebate form.
4) Mail by February 14, 2009: this original form, original dated sales receipt(s) to:

Sam’s Club Gift Card Offer
P.O. Box 758959
El Paso, TX 88575-8959

Offer begins December 14, 2008, and your request must be postmarked by February 14, 2009.

Also, if you are able to get 2 copies of the receipt, you could send the receipt in to get the $120 coupon book from P&G!!!


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