Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Did you Know? re: WAGS RR's

Did you know you could use your Walgreens RR's to buy Walgreens gift cards? I recently discovered this 'trick'. I had so many RR's from last weeks' Robitussin and Crest mouthwash purchases and wasnt' sure how to use them all before they expired. So, I bought some gift cards! The thing to remember, as always, is that the RR's are counted as coupons, so you have to have at least as many items as you have coupons. ~~Edited: I was informed today that the fine print on the RR's indicate that you cant use these to buy gift cards, so you may get denied by your cashier. I purchased my GC's in addition to a few other items and the cashier didn't give it second thought~~

For example:

Today I bought
(2) $10 gift cards
(2) Rimmel eye makeup $4.79, BOGO
(4) small pieces of candy @ 4/$1.00.

= 8 items purchased, total of 25.79.

BOGO Rimmel coupon - 4.79
4 RR's @ 4.50 each. ($18)

Total oop: $3, I have more RR's but none in lower increments. I feel much better though not having to run out and use all the RR's I had before they expired since those dates were fast approaching.

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Anonymous said...

That's really good info! I didn't know that. I will be buying some GC's with my RR's for sure!