Saturday, September 13, 2008

Starting from scratch - new CVS card!

I wanted to keep better track of what I've spent at CVS, and how good I was doing at getting some good deals, (and have an extra card in case there are some REALLY good deals...) so we decided to sign my husband up for a card. This is going to be an ongoing thread to keep track of my oop spending over the next few months. Enjoy!

Loreal Skin Revitalist Cleanser: 5.99 (5.99 ECB's)
3 Johnson Buddies Soaps @ 1.19 ea (used $1 off coupons) .19 ea
Aleve @ 3.99 (3.00 ECB's)
2 Purex @ 5.98 (2.00 ECB's) (used $1 off 2)
Excedrin @ 3.99 (3.99 ECB's)

Total cash paid: 20.52
ECB's received: 14.98

Paid out of pocket: 5.54

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