Monday, September 22, 2008

More free stuff at Walgreens - CHOCOLATE

You can get some free chocolate this week!!!

The Herberts Chocolate bars are on sale (at most stores anyway) for 2/$3. Unfortunately this isn't marked at all stores so make sure you have them ring up 2 to ensure that the sale is in fact good at your store. There is a coupon in the Easy Saver catalog for $3 off when you buy two. This makes them FREE!!!

I bought quite a few of these for a shower that I'm hosting in a few weeks. At one store I bought 14 of them - all free. In total, from 3 purchases I have 34 of these chocolate bars. :) YUM!!

14 bars @ 2/$3 = $21
Coupon = $21 off


Even if your store isn't honoring this price, or doesn't have them on sale, you can get them for .49 each using the coupon with the regular price (1.99).


joan said...

Not on sale at my WG. So, I had to pay the $.49. But that's ok, my daughter loves the Rocky Road. Thanks for the hot tip,

Amanda said...

At my Walgreens they are selling these bars for 20 for $1.00!! I don't know if it's being discontinued, they just ordered too many or what... But I'm taking advantage of it!

Jenna said...

I found this to be true at one of our local Walgreens' (though the shelf price said 2/$3, they still rang up $1.99 each and I had to speak up), but another one is advertised as 2/$4. I keep looking - this chocolate is yummy!

Frugal Finds said...

You go to love free Chocolate!!!!